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Silver Muse

Pro Polish Pads

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Clean the tarnish from your silver jewelry with these Pro Polish Pads. One pad is included with each jewelry order, but if you need more, these come in packs of five. 

Once the pad is mostly black, just toss it and start on a new pad.

These 2x2 inch polishing pads are mildly abrasive so they are not to be used on any high-polish silver. Best for matte silver. Can also be used on copper. Do not use on aluminum jewelry.

  • Packaging

    Your jewelry will be mailed in either a Kraft gift box or in a linen drawstring bag. An anti-tarnish bag and a polishing pad will be included. Prices are never included within the package so if it is a gift, the price will remain a secret.

  • Returns

    Please be sure that you want what you order. Returns are not taken unless there is a problem in the fabrication of the item. You must contact us within 24 hours of receiving the product for consideration.