Hello! I'm Ash! Silver Muse is my hand-crafted jewelry business operated in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am a silversmith and a lapidarist and have been creating jewelry since 2010. 

From sterling silver jewelry with hand cut turquoise, to sawn sterling silver, everything is made right in the studio and delivered to you promptly. 

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About my materials...

I use eco-friendly, recycled silver whenever possible. This means that the suppliers I buy silver from have melted down scrap sterling silver and reformed it into sheet or wire which I buy from the USA. 

As far as stones go, I purchase rough turquoise and finished turquoise from other small, mom-pop businesses just like my own. These are the mine owners or other lapidary artists like myself who have close ties to the mine owners. 

Your purchase helps support my family as well as other small business families too! Thank you!

Packaging materials include a sustainable forestry cardboard shipping box, Kraft crinkle paper strips as filler, a Kraft paper gift box or a handmade linen drawstring bag. I package your jewelry in an anti-tarnish bag because I want the piece(s) to look just as great as they were when I handed them over to the US Postal Service.